WordPress Work

Invisible People


Design and Project Management by verynice

Rosebud Designs partnered with a frequent (and favorite) collaborator, verynice, on this project. Invisible People educates the public about homelessness and encourages the public to learn about the issue and realize how complex it is, and also arms people with the tools to advocate for the homeless community.

The website build itself was one of the most complex designs created and coded for a custom theme, and as far as functionality was concerned, there were two different post types to contend with, as well as a complex tagging system that spanned both post types. Another complicating factor in this build was that Invisible People had almost 10 years’ worth of content that needed to be migrated into a new WordPress build, and almost all of that content needed to be separated into two different post types — the stories and news articles were originally mashed into posts. The result of this work is a more compelling website that is easy to navigate and better showcases not only the video stories but also offers more breadth and depth to what Invisible People does right away.