Rosebud Designs

Hi, my name is Jenn.
I’m a WordPress ninja, web designer and big thinker.

I’d like to help you. And as I’ve told many people over the years, I haven’t met a site I couldn’t WordPress yet.

Are you:

  • A designer who loves to design websites, but doesn’t know a lick of code (or hates code)?
  • Looking for someone to collaborate with to build a function-rich site with lots of content?
  • An agency who needs some web development help or someone on your team who can help shore up your current resources?
  • A fellow designer or a photographer or an artist or someone who needs to showcase a portfolio but doesn’t want to bang your head against the wall trying to keep it updated?
  • Just looking for someone vivacious, enthusiastic and fun to work with?

Pull up a chair and let’s chat. You’ve come to the right place.

Maybe you’d like to learn more about meavailable services, or drop a line about your project.

Or you could just look at some work:

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