How It Works

Whether you’re a client looking at us as a one-stop shop, or you’re a fellow creative looking for a great addition to your team, the process is more or less the same.

  • You fill out a simple questionnaire. This helps crystallize your idea and helps both of us get a hold of it.
  • We schedule some time to chat about your idea. Sometimes it’s over email. Usually it’s over the phone. Sometimes it’s even in person. This is where we flesh out your idea, see what your needs are, throw out a few numbers. It’s also where we can see if we’re a good fit for each other.
  • Then you get a written proposal / creative brief. This outlines the parameters of the project, the timeline and tells you how much it will cost (and what the payment schedule is). Once the client approves, we’ll both sign a contract.
  • And then the work begins. If there’s design involved, you’ll usually get a couple of samples to review. If there is a website involved, you’ll usually get to see a version of it that you can play around with on a server that’s live to only us.
  • After a couple of rounds of revisions, we get closer to your vision. And when it’s done, we help you get that vision out there, whether on paper or the screen.

And everyone is happy in the end, right? 😉

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