Nadia Sanburn's Website

for Online Publishing Class

This is my first time attending The Gloria Shields Workshop. However, this is my second time in Dallas, Texas. I was in Dallas for a wedding in 2015. I live in Lawrence, Kansas and attend Lawrence High School. I am the co-online editor for my school's paper, The Budget. I really enjoy journalism, and my favorite part of being a journalist is writing editorials. I like expressing my opinion through newswriting.

I am excited to learn more about code through this class. My dad does a lot of coding through his job, and has taught me a little bit.

I really like reading books. My favorite genres are Fantasy and SciFi books. I read a lot, and my room has very large bookshelves. I also enjoy writing and drawing.
Here are some of my favorite books:

My mom has loved gardening and plants her whole life, and passed on that interest to me. I have a ton of succulents and other types of plants growing in my window.
Here is a list of my favorite types of plants:

I also really enjoy playing and listening to music. My favorite genres are Indie and Alternative.
Here's some of my favorite bands:

This is a picture of my dog Oatmeal. She is a nine year old yellow lab. I love her a lot, even though she is a little dumb sometimes. She is very sweet and a loveable dog.