About Me

Meléna or Mel

I don't know what to talk about because I hate talking about myself

Essentially, I am a rising senior

I am seventeen but I'll be eighteen "soon" (by soon I mean in Novemeber but like she'll be here before I know it)

I go to Carroll Senior High in Southlake

I am coverage editor of our yearbook/newspaper crew

I love traveling. Whatever I do past college is going to involve travel

I am 90% vegan meaning I will eat cream cheese on my bagel (rarely) and eggs in baked goods but I stray away from milk, ice cream, etc. I will never give up butter, sorry it's just not as good as an alt

I'm allergic to everything under the sun except what you would expect me to be allergic to, like nuts totally fine. Chicken, not so much

And uh yeah. That's me. I'm awkward and introverted but also extroverted, it's weird but whatever

Type 6's what's up!!!!

My last night in Rome:'(