It's All About Me

Lauren Ready

Roughly 5,996 days ago I, Lauren Ready, was born in Jackson, Mississippi. January 24th, 2003 to be exact. I attend Mansfield Lake Ridge highschool which is in Mansfeild, and I'm going into my junior year; wish me luck. My name comes from my mom's love for Lauryn Hill and her music. Apart from my name I like...the color yellow, hanging out with friends and family, Yearbook worknights, and of course the queen, Twitter. My favorite fast food is Chick fil followed by Taco Bell, and I don't care who judges me for it! When it comes to music I listen to everything except country music. I also listen to older music such as late 80s, 90s, and early 2000s music. Family wise I am the youngest of two brothers and I live with my parents. My favorite food is anything Italian.